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We will support you with funding for your angel, seed and series a round.

We at ABC First Growth love creating businesses. We believe that creating a first class business is like creating a First Growth wine.


Like creating a First Growth wine, the Team should be handpicked with timing being of the utmost importance. The product ages in the perfect environment with the proper assembly and ultimately delivering to the market a product that people want.

We have created ABC First Growth to apply to your business what we have learned by being entrepreneurs ourselves all over the world.

We will support you with funding for your angel, seed and Series A rounds. We will always be with you during your first phases of growth with the love, patience and always with passion!


ABC First Growth Fund works hand-in-hand with ABC Accelerator. Every company completing ABC Accelerator’s programs and fulfilling investment criteria can obtain an investment from ABC First Growth in the form of a convertible note of EUR 35.000 to ($39,000 USD) the best companies completing the program.

We then monitor, support and keep on funding the best companies after the end of the program.

With a growing number of great ABC Alumni companies, our pipeline is always full and growing. You can browse through the list of ABC’s Alumni companies here.

But we are not ABC exclusive – we are interested in investing into non-ABC companies as well!

If you think that you can greatly increase your value with an investment and global support network, please apply here.

The most ambitious companies looking for rapid international expansion have an option of obtaining an investment from ABC First Growth and positioning themselves at

ABC Venture Gates and at ABC Global Home.

This makes our investments truly smart, as it allows our investees to use their investments on rapid international expansion through the most suitable support part of the ABC’s ecosystem for them. Obtaining investment from ABC First Growth and positioning themselves within ABC’s support network expands their potential market and provides them with resources to reach this potential at the same time!

If you think that you can greatly increase your value with an investment and global support network, please apply here.


ABC First Growth Venture Capital Fund has already invested in the following companies:

We have several other additional investments in the pipeline that have already fulfilled our investment criteria:

  • They have huge growth potential
  • They have a team ready to do what it takes to succeed
  • Their product (or service) is revolutionary, completely developed and validated on the market (so that it already has users and paying customers)
  • They come from Smart Cities, Smart Living&Health, Commercial Tech and similar technologies targeting software and hardware in the ICT sector as we are particularly suited to help them to reach their potential.

However, at ABC First Growth we are not strictly industry specific! As long as you fulfill the first three investment criteria we encourage you to apply here.


People behind the ABC First Growth:

Aljoša Domijan
Julien Coustaury
Dejan Roljič
Dr. Aleš Pustovrh


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Have you already achieved a product – market fit? How many paying customers do you have? What were your revenues in the previous month?

What is your monthly burn rate?

Please provide us with an email address, Skype and telephone number of a contact person in your company so we can get in touch with you.

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Founders, this email is for general inquiries, not for you! If you are interested in contacting us, please submit your funding request using a submission form on the homepage.

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